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A report


Background information
Bongo is a medium-sized town with a population of 30 000. Because of its picturesque location and stunning surrounding it is a popular tourist destination. The city, however, does not have much to offer to its young inhabitants. The Youth Community Organisation has recently held several assemblies to identify the most important issues affecting our area and find possible solutions to them.

Main problems
The city lacks in sport and educational facilities. There is no leisure centre to spend time in, not to mention the opportunities to develop one’s skills. The only library in the area opens three times a week and is poorly equipped because of financial problems. Money is also the main constraint of our cinema which is outdated and does not attract potential viewers.

Most urgent changes needed
It was suggested that leisure and educational centre are established. It could be either newly-built or arranged in existing place. There are wonderful old buildings to be renovated and used beneficially. To make the neighbourhood more attractive, local authorities should implement clearing up scheme. Moreover,

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