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My hobby - description

Making your own items is becoming more and more popular. This trend is called DIY (Do It Yourself) and includes various activities. People make jewellery, renovate old furniture, give a second life to the objects (changing their original functionalities and look). One of the most interesting phenomenon in recent years is craft. Women all over the world turn to knitting, stitching and designing their own clothes.

I started crafting about ten years ago. I was inspired by my grandmother who always knits and sews something, even while watching TV. I remember that my first project (a scarf) was colorful and far from perfect. Now I have got my own sewing machine, a set of buttons and threads and colourful materials. I'm thinking about setting up my own fashion business and launching my a clothing line. I have already started running a blog about fashion and good design.

It is actually easy to start a hobby like that. There are many tutorials, workshop and events promoting such activities. The materials are quite cheap and widely available. All we need is time and some creativity. If I don't want to sit alone I can always meet other craft enthusiasts. I think that

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MajMos • 2021-10-20 14:36:02
Dziękuję :)
:) • 2021-10-19 17:04:53
po jakiego uda ktoś to wymyślał
czarnypjes • 2021-10-17 16:53:04
doobry artykuł
Jan Marcalik • 2021-10-15 16:22:46
@12345 - dziękujemy za zauważenie błędu, został już poprawiony. Pozdrawiamy :)
ADMIN • 2021-10-15 09:57:56