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Last Saturday I went to a zoo with my best friend. We spent there almost the whole day watching animals, taking photos and walking around. The zoo is located in a beautiful green area far from the city centre so it is a perfect place to escape from the daily routine and relax.

This zoo gives shelter to almost 5000 animals of 9000 species. There are not only typical animals which one can see at home or in a pet shop (dogs, sheep, horses, fish, birds, insects, small reptiles) but also endangered species, which can hardly be found in the wild. Some of them, are really dangerous. These include: tigers, lions, crocodiles, gorillas or bears. Zoos keep endangered species in order to help them to survive.

What I liked the most, however, were enclosures with giraffes, elephants and rhinos. They looked so innocent and friendly. I would like to go to Africa one day and see them in their natural habitat. I also enjoyed the big cage with monkeys. Chimpanzees are so cute! I think that anatomically humans and chimpanzees are very similar. They even behave in the same way. It was a real fun to observe them and I learned a lot.

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