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Description of a dog

My dog's name is Dakar. It is a German Shepherd and he is 7 years old. Dakar has got brown eyes and long thick dark coat. He is quite big and heavy - he weighs almost 50 kilos. What I like most about him, are his ears. They are always erect and alert, which makes him look smart and refined.

Dakar often shows his dominance by tensing his body and raising his tail. This is typical for his breed, as German Shepherds were originally developed for herding. He is a very intelligent dog and he quickly learns new commands. He can also communicate his feelings well. For example, when he is excited, wants to play or go out he usually wags his tail.

Dakar doesn't like other dogs, let alone cats. Dogs generally make him angry - every time he encounters one he starts barking and baring his teeth. Noticing a cat is even worse - Dakar instantly goes bananas and I cannot manage him. He is also very sensitive to sounds. When he hears a storm and thunders, he becomes absolutely terrified. His vet called it ''a severe storm phobia''.

Opis psa po angielsku - tłumaczenie

Mój pies nazywa się Dakar. Jest owczarkiem niemieckim i ma 7 lat. Dakar ma brązowe oczy i długą, grubą, ciemną sierść.

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