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As a secondary school student I spend about 7 hours a day at school. In comparison with other activities - it is quite a lot. I learn there, broaden my horizons, meet new people, meake friends and have fun. This place forms my personality and influences my outlook on life.

My school is not very big but it sets high standards. That is why it is so hard to get admitted. It is located near the city centre and a beautiful park. We have a swimming pool and a gym as there is much emphasis on sport and competition.  

My teachers are generally friendly and helpful but they can also be pretty strict at times. Most of them have a broad knowledge of their subjects and teaching experience. They know how to deal with us so that we are constantly motivated and never bored.

There are 20 people in my class. My schoolmates are both intelligent and hard-working. They have got many talents and skills which they willingly share. We like exchanging ideas and working together on various tasks. I think this is what makes us a good team.

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Będąc uczniem szkoły średniej spędzam w szkole około siedmiu godzin dziennie. W porównaniu z innymi zajęciami, jest

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