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Przykład opisu miejsca po angielsku

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jjoojo • 2019-06-13 14:46:18
Nie tyle rozwód co uznanie małżeństwa za nieważne dr Arletta Bolesta adwokat kości...
Arletta Bolesta • 2019-06-12 13:59:29
Abstrakcjonizm operuje abstrakcją! Zrezygnował, jak sam autor pisze, z wszelkiej figurat...
Anna • 2019-06-11 17:31:16
no ok
twój stary • 2019-06-11 15:44:43

Finally I bought my own apartment last month. I really need to tell you about it!

It's a studio flat in the center of Wrocław, and it's located in a charming old house built over one hunderd years ago. As you can imagine, my apartment is not a spacious one. However, it's very cozy, and it was quite affordable. 

There's a room combined with a modern kitchen, a small hall with an in-built wardrobe and  a bathroom.  I decided to have my whole apartment painted light gray, because it is a perfect color to combine with light oak cupboards in the kitchen and a yellow sofa. 

You know how much I can't stand washing up the dishes, and that's the reason why I had a dishwasher installed in my kitchen, right next to a silver fridge. Somehow I managed to fit in a small table and two chairs in my kitchen, so that me and Jack can have breakfast together. In front of the sofa there's a small cofee table and a large TV set on the wall. I'm not into electronics at all, but Jack talked me into buying it. Well, it's not that bad after all. What's more, there's a shower in the bathroom, because unfortunately there wasn't enough space for a bath.

Are you free next weekend? I'd love to show you my new place.


apartment studio - mieszkanie jednopokojowe

spacious - przestronny

cozy - przytulny

oak - dąb

affordable - w przystępnej cenie

to be into something - interesować się czymś

to talk somebody into doing something - namówić kogoś na zrobienie czegoś


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