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Description of a school trip

Last year my class went to London for a school trip. The journey was very long and tiring as we travelled by bus. It took us almost 30 hours to get to London! We stayed there only 3 days so it was a very busy time. There is so much to see and do that even a month wouldn't be enough to explore all the interesting sites.

We have been to many museums, art galleries, castles and historical buildings. I liked the collections in the British Library and the paintings in the Tate Modern. The most interesting to me was, however, the Science Museum. I was impressed by the exhibitions concerning  the history of medicine and the development of modern society. I had also the opportunity to take part in interactive experiments made by Google. For example, I could see a robot drawing my face in the sand. That was unbelievable!

There are many famous markets in London including Covent Garden, Camden Market  and Portobello Road. They are all very large and lively and have an excellent selection of goods. We went to Camden Lock Market to buy souvenirs and spent there almost 5 hours. I have never been to any place like it. I almost made up my mind to get a tattoo! Fortunately,

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Potrzebowałam na sprawdzian z Angielskiego.Dziękuję :)
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Mam jutro test więc dziękuje za to
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Tekst jest napisany z błędami. (lata panowania) Hammurabi nie zjednoczył pierwszy Samar...
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To jest 7.
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dobre to
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