Czas i pory roku po angielsku

Time and seasons of the year

The calendar year in our region is divided into four seasons: spring summer, autumn (fall) and winter. Each season has its own characteristics but they are all determined by tilt of the Earth. I'm a fashion designer and for me seasons of the year have a very special meaning. I think that there is nothing as seasonally adjusted as fashion. It changes according to the weather, temperature and current trends. There are two main seasons in the fashion industry: spring and fall, but we can also observe some other tendencies.

Spring is the time of reproduction, change and nature's awakening. The weather is fine, though very changeable so this is a very challenging and invigorating period for fashion designers. Catwalks are usually dominated by light dresses and bright colours.

Summer comes with its long days, warmth and holidays. The sun shines, fruit and vegetables grow, people are relaxed...  All we need is a pair of sunglasses and a swimming suit.

Autumn means harvest, lower temperatures and melancholy. The leaves fall down, the sky is gray and it often rains. The fashion has a remedy for the autumn blues – rich colours, soft materials and waterproof coats

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chacha • 2020-10-20 13:32:00
które to interpretacja?
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Szkoda, że ludzie, którzy coś wiedzą na temat edukacji - są usuwani..., a przychodzą...
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