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Dni tygodnia po angielsku

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Days of the week

There are seven days of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Staurday, Sunday. Weekdays are the days between and including Monday and Friday. These days are also called working days, as students go to school then and adults work. Saturday and Sunday are the weekend.

On weekdays I am constantly busy and I don't have much time for pleasures. I go to school and spend there about 6 hours. When I come back home I have dinner and then I have to do my homework. Moreover, I am engaged in many afternoon activieties. Three times a week I attend an intensive French course as I want to go to France next summer. I also play handball in the school club and I have trainings twice a week.

I love weekends because this is the time to relax and have fun. However, on Saturday I always help my mother at home. I go shopping, throw away rubbish and clean my room. In the evening I usually meet friends. We have a party, watch TV, go to the cinema or do sports. This is my favourite part of the week.

On Sunday I usually go to church and visit my grandparents. We have dinner together, go for a walk and chat. In the evening I go to the swimming pool or just stay at home and

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