Opis pogody po angielsku

Description of the weather

Whats the weather like today in Poland?

Today it is quite warm and sunny in most parts of Poland. The highest temperature is in Wroclaw (10 degrees above zero), and the lowest in Zakopane (5 degrees below zero). There is no rain and fog but it is snowing on the south of Poland.

The weather forecast for the following day:

The weather will change significantly. It seems that winter doesn't want to leave. In most parts of Poland it will be cold and windy. The temperature will quickly drop – the lowest will reach 5 degrees below zero. In the north of Poland heavy freezing rain is expected. Good information for ski lovers – it will snow in the Tatra Mountains and the temperature will be about 1 degree below zero. It will also be sunny. In a word - perfect skiing conditions. Other parts of the country will remain dry, yet cold. The highest temperature will reach 15 degrees above zero in Poznan. We should, however, bear in mind that the weather in spring is changeable and uncertain. It is better to dress warmly than quiver with cold.

Opis pogody po angielsku - tłumaczenie

Jaka jest dziś pogoda w Polsce?

W większej części kraju jest dziś ciepło i słonecznie. Najwyższa temperatura

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