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Description of a friend

I have known Tom since I was a child. We went to the same kindergarten and now we go to the same school. He is my best friend.

Tom is eighteen years old and comes from Wroclaw. He speaks three languages: Polish, English and German. Tom lis very active and likes socialising with people. I appreciate him for his unique personality and many talents.

Tom is very handsome. He has got brown hair and dark eyes. Tom is taller than other boys his age and looks like a model. In fact, he could be one, but he isn't interested in it. Tom is very ambitious and hardworking. He always knows what he wants and he does his best to achieve it. In the future, he would like to be a doctor. I believe that he'll manage it.

On the social level, Tom is a very outgoing person, so people feel comfortable in his company. He has a great sense of humor and often plays jokes. However, he can also be helpful when it is needed. Actually, he has never let me down.

Tom likes most sports, but his favourite sport is football. He enjoys both watching and playing it. He goes to the match every Saturday with his father and trains football five times a week after school. He is totally mad about

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a jeśli liczba protonów=60 a liczba neutronów=100 to będzie nad??
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super tekst
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