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Opis koleżanki po angielsku

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Zdjęcie byście dali jakieś
TwójStary • 2019-03-19 07:44:30
słabe prawie nic info o niemcach
mój nick to nick • 2019-03-18 19:35:49
Nawet ok
Awek • 2019-03-18 17:04:08
Dzięki . Cały czas korzystam z tej strony i to mi ratuje życie.
Cienias z histori • 2019-03-18 15:39:13
Mało =(
Joachime • 2019-03-18 12:55:55

Description of a friend

My best friend's name is Klaudia. We're in the same class and we play handball together. Klaudia has got a twin brother. His name is Mateusz. They are a nice pair of sibilings but they differ considerably from each other.

Klaudia is quite short and slim and has got long curly hair. Her eyes are light blue. I think she is a very attractive girl. She loves sport and music. In her free time she usually goes to concerts or to the swimming pool. We also play handball together in a team and spend a lot of time during the week training.

I have always known her to be cheerful and outgoing. Thanks to it, she makes new friends easily. Klaudia enjoys to undertake new challenges and usually manages to accomplish them. She is also very helpful and responsible, epecially when it comes to her brother. She is able to handle unexpected situations well and can be always relied on. That is why everyone admires her.

Opis koleżanki po angielsku - tłumaczenie

Moją najlepszą przyjaciółką jest Klaudia. Chodzimy do jednej klasy i gramy razem w piłkę ręczną. Klaudia ma brata bliźniaka, który nazywa się Mateusz. Razem tworzą miłą parę bliźniąt, ale znacznie się od siebie różnią.


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