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My best friend's name is Adam. He is 12 years old. We live in the same street and go to the same class. We spend a lot of time together – play football, do homeworks and revise before exams.

Adam likes maths, juts like me. He is very clever and inelligent. He reads a lot. His favourite book is ' The Hobbit'.  Despite being a good student, he is also a good friend. Adam helps others and I know that I can always rely o him.  He is fiendly and outgoing. He often tells funny jokes and makes people laugh. He has got many talents. He speaks 3 languages fluently and can play the guitar.  Adam wants to be a scientist when he grows up. I think he will manage to achieve it. All he has to do is to be more patient and disciplined. He sometimes gets bored too quickly and starts doing new things.

I like Adam because we have got a lot in common. We both love mathematics and sport. We  listen to the same music and go to the concerts together. I hope our friendship will last forever.

Opis charakteru (1) – tłumaczenie

Mój najlepszy przyjaciel nazywa się Adam. Ma 12 lat. Mieszkamy na tej samej ulicy i chodzimy do tej samej klasy. Spędzamy razem dużo czasu – gramy w piłkę

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super tekst
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