Opis wyglądu po angielsku

Description of the appearance

Her name was Marilyn Monroe and she was a legend and a beauty icon. Marilyn was forever young, pretty and admired across the globe.

She had got wide set blue eyes and blonde wavy hair. Her face expressed an unbelievable symmetry and vitality. Her skin was soft, spotless and pale as porcelain. She took good care of her complexion to keep it healthy, and shine. But what made her really charming was her bright smile. Never before had I seen such a gorgeous and beamish mouth.

Marilyn was not very tall and slim. In fact, some people even claim that she was chubby. I can not agree with that. In my opinion she had got the perfect body and figure. Long legs, graceful posture and feminine charm – all that made her so appealing and unique.

Marilyn had a great sense of style and she knew how to be elegant and chic. She usually wore designer dresses and skirts. The best known is, however, her white dress which she wore in the movie The Seven Year Itch. This cocktail dress became as famous as Monroe herself. At present the image of Marilyn wearing the white dress is widely used in pop culture.

Opis wyglądu po angielsku - tłumaczenie

Marilyn Monroe była legendą i ikoną piękna.

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