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Hi Mark,

How are things? Hope you're all fine.

I'm writing, because I must tell you about my new idea.

Well, during my stay in England, I'm planning to take a cooking course in London. It may sound crazy, but I've decided to  become the best chef in the world and open my own restaurant in the future!

My parents are less excited than me, and think that I should have a career as an engineer or an accountant. How boring, istn't it?

To be honest, I need your help. Have you heard of any place which offers professional cooking courses? Please, let me know as soon as you find something interesting for me.

I know what you're thinking right now... Taking any well-designed course in England may cost an arm and a leg , which means I must put aside lots of money. Well, next week I'm starting my work at the local restaurant, and I'm going to save as much money as possible.

I'm waiting for your answer.

Take care,


Glossary - słownictwo

a chef - szef kuchni, kucharz

an accountant - księgowy

to cost an arm and a leg - kosztować krocie

to put aside (some) money - odłożyć (trochę) pieniędzy

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