Przykład opowiadania w czasie przeszłym: klęska żywiołowa

   I will tell you a story how once I witnessed a natural disaster, which still haunts me today.

It was back in the middle school when my parents told me that I would visit our family in the US. As everybody knows, plane tickets from Poland to the United States are rather expensive, and  my parents could afford only one ticket, for me. I'd never traveled so far so I was both excited and petrified. When the red-letter day came, mom and dad took me to the airport to watch as I was going through the security check. The flight was smooth itself, but obviously I was really tired after spending many hours on the plane. Sara, my cousin,  picked me up from the airport and my vacations in Los Angeles began. A few days passed, and I was having a whale time with Sara and her friends when we heard on the news that a tornado was about to hit. Unfortunately, we were alone in the house becsuse aunt Agata and uncle Marek had to leave for work. We all rushed to the basement and tried to call Sara's parents. However, their cells seemed to have died. Neither me, nor Sara and her friends wanted to admit we were in trouble and decided to play old-school video games. The problem was that the electricity was cut off, which must have been caused by the wind that had put down the power lines. Luckily, after a few hours the tornado was long gone, and we all survived that! When my aunt and uncle came home, they started hugging and kissing each of us. I can only imagine how scared they were for us.

   All in all, the storu ended well, but I happen to have a nightmare in which I'm stuck again in the basement. I'm glad nothing bad happened to me, Sara or her friends, and I think the important part was that we didn't start panicking and sticked together. I'm planning to visit Sara once again, but hope this time there will be no tornado!

to witness something - być świadkiem czegoś
a natural disaster - klęska żywiołowa
a middle school - gimnazjum
a security check - odprawa bezpieczeństwa
a smooth flight - spokojny lot
to pick somebody up - odebrać kogoś
to have a whale of a time - doskonale się bawić
a basement - piwnica ( US )
to die - rozładować się, wyłączyć
a cell = a cell phone - telefon komórkowy ( US )
to put down the power lines - zerwać linie energetyczne

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