Wynalazek, który niezwykle ułatwił życie ludzi - przykład wypowiedzi

The world is constantly changing and new innovations emerge all the time. However, there is one that for long will not be beaten, which is the Internet. It seems that the Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate, learn or work and entertain themselves.

     To start with, since the Internet came to life, staying in touch with people has simplified. Nowadays there is no need to write letters, call, or text others, while you can use any online chat or applications like Skype. Not only can you talk to people you know, but thanks to the Internet you can make new friends. It is due to the fact that there are plenty of users looking for a company. Although you meet people in the virtual reality, there is still a possibility to continue your relationship in the real life. Who knows, your today’s cyber pal may be your future best friend or a spouse.

In addition, the Internet enables people to learn or work in an easy way. Apart from using online dictionaries, or encyclopedias, anybody can take an online course launched by prestigious colleges. These courses are often free of charge and they are created by well-recognized experts. When it comes to working in the Internet era,

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super wyjaśnione!
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Ruda, dziękujemy za zwrócenie uwagi, poprawione :)
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bynio • 2021-12-05 15:42:03