Przykład wypowiedzi - spotkanie rodzinne

Let me tell you about a family meeting, which led to an unexpected result.

   I do remember that day, it was summer 2012 and the weather was lovely! It was warm July, the sky was blue and there wasn’t a single cloud hanging above us. It was a big day for my cousin, for he’d just turned 18 , and he was throwing a garden party. A few days before, me and my parents had helped him to prepare food and put up a large tent for all the guests. He’d borrowed stereo columns from his friend and downloaded some songs.

   When my cousin’s red-letter day came, he was thrilled and nervous at the same time. Luckily, everybody’d accepted his invitation, and around forty people turned up at the party. Of course, at the beginning we all sang happy birthday to him and he blew up the candles.  Suddenly, when there was a break from dancing and everybody sat down to rest a little bit, I noticed a girl of an exquisite beauty. The mysterious guest had long, slightly wavy hair and enormous, blue eyes. She appeared out of nowhere, but my cousin seemed to know her quite well. The moment she came into his sight, he started blushing. They talked and danced a lot and apparently there was something between the two

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