Przykład wyrażania opinii - czy popierasz trzymanie zwierząt w zoo?

Although, going to the zoo seems a good way to spend a family afternoon, I strongly oppose to keeping animals in zoos. It is due to the fact that zoos are just relic of the past, they deprive animals of their rights and taking children there may badly influences their development.

Firstly, zoos are said to have come to life to enable people to see wild species living in distant countries. In the past  only few people could travel  and with the lack of television or the Internet  visiting the zoo was the only option to admire a wide range of animals. However, nowadays everybody can watch documentaries on exotic animals and even see them in their natural habitats, for travel costs have decreased over the years.

Moreover, by locking animals in cages, people take away from them their freedom. I do believe that animals shouldn’t be denied their fundamental right, which is to live in their natural habitat and simply stay wild. Only when animals are given a chance to live in the place they are supposed to live, not in the zoo, can they enjoy their animal life.

Finally, we should instill in children the idea that animals are not a source of entertainment, but living, breathing beings. If I were a parent, I wouldn’t take my children to the zoo to give them fun. In this way I would teach them that animals are some objects which can be used for humans’ pleasure. I don’t think it’s fair.

All in all, I do not support keeping animals in zoos. There appears to be no reason to do it, as there are other ways to observe wild animals without imprisoning them. What’s even more important, by bringing children to the zoo, we make them believe that animals belong to us and we can do whatever we want to please ourselves.

Glossary - słownictwo

to oppose to doing something – sprzeciwiać się robieniu czegoś

a relic of the past – relikt przeszłości

to deprive somebody  of something – pozbawiać kogoś czegoś

to be said to have done something – ten zwrot można przetłumaczyć jako : mówi się o ( nim, niej, ich itp. ) , że kiedyś … ( coś zrobili )

to  come to life – pojawić się

to enable someone to do something – umożliwić komuś zrobienie czegoś

a wide range of something – szeroki wachlarz / wybór czegoś

a cage – klatka

a habitat – środowisko występowania

to instill something in somebody  - zaszczepić w kimś jakąś wartość, przekonanie, pogląd

a being – stworzenie

( a ) pleasure – przyjemność

to please somebody – zadowolić kogoś, sprawić komuś przyjemność

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