Przykład reagowania na przedstawiony materiał symulacyjny


Spójrz na zdjęcie numer 1, 2 i 3.

Z okazji urodzin kolegi/koleżanki z klasy zamierzasz kupić jemu/jej prezent.

- Zdecyduj, którą propozycję wybierasz i dlaczego,

- Wyjaśnij, dlaczego odrzucasz pozostałe propozycje


There are three things to choose from: a book, a computer and a CD. I would definitely choose the first option, the book, because my friend loves reading. She's really into books and I even know what genre she prefers, which is a thriller. I'm pretty sure that if I bought her one, she would be over the moon with joy. In addition, she's totally illeterate when it comes to using compuers and due to that buying her a new computer would be wasting my money. What's more a new laptop can cost an arm and a leg!  I wouldn't buy a CD for my friend, because she listens to music on her cell phone, like most people do nowadays. Frankly speaking, I don't know what music she prefers and picking one CD for her would take me long hours.

Pytania egzaminatora

1. Do you like celebrating your birthday?

2. What present would you like to get for your next birthday?

Odpowiedzi na pytania egzaminatora

1. Yes, I do. The best thing is that you feel so special on your birthday as if you were the most important person in the entire world! Moreover, I enjoy partying with my family and friends, simply being with them. We're all so busy now and finding some time to spend together is becoming more and more difficult. Of course, I do like receiving gifts too, and I can't imagine anyone saying otherwise. However, I've heard that the older you get, the less happy you are about celebrating your birthday. We'll see what it looks like in my case.

2. Well, I haven't thought about it yet. If I were to decide right now, I'd say that a language course would be my dream gift for next birthday. Firstly, I derive a great pleasure from learning languages, which my friends find bizzare. They claim that putting too much effort, and spending extra time in language classes is the worst idea ever. I can't agree with them. Not only do I enjoy learning a foreign language, but I also find it highly useful. Whether you want to travel, get a job with a competitive salary or just understand the lyrics of your favorite music, learning languages does matter. I'm fully aware that giving me such a present can mean paying through the nose for my family and friends, but they can always club together. That's all, thank you.


genre - rodzaj literacki

to be over the moon with joy - być wniebowziętym, szczęśliwym

illiterate - w tym kontekście: nie znać się na komputerach

to cost an arm and a leg - kosztować fortunę

a gift - prezent

to receive - otrzymać

to pay through the nose - płacić bardzo dużo

a competitive salary - wysoka pensja

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