Przykład opowiadania o problemie zdrowotnym

I will tell you a story when I ended up receiving my school certificate with a leg put in a cast. Funny it sounds, it wasn’t all that enjoyable for me back then.

It was summer, June 2012, and the end of the school year was coming. The excitement at school was palpable , as everybody felt overwhelmed with writing tests and doing homework for the entire ten months. I do remember that it was Sunday, and I had to prepare myself for the final test in history. There were a lot of dates and important names to learn by heart, so I needed to take a break from studying.  They say that your brain needs fresh air to absorb more information, and I thought that taking my dog for a walk would be the best way to get that extra shot of energy. I was just casually waking with my dog when I saw a giant puddle. For I’d put sandals on, I didn’t want to go through the puddle and decided to jump it over. Soon, I understood that it hadn’t been a smart thing to do.  Well, it was due to the fact that I right after I hovered above the puddle, I hit the curb with an enormous force, and I could feel that some bones in my left leg almost cracked. Somehow I managed to go home, but in the middle of the night I was woken up with an excruciating  pain. When I looked at my leg, it was all swollen and red. I wanted to take a painkiller but couldn’t make a move. I called my mum, who gave me a pill, and the very next morning she took me to the surgeon’s office. I had my leg X-rayed and then put it in a cast. The doctor also prescribed me some ointment which was supposed to alleviate the pain. Unfortunately, the school year was finishing in a few days and I was handed in the school certificate standing with crutches.

To sum up my story, I can reassure you that an accident can happen to you even in your own neighborhood, and there isn’t much you can do about it. The interesting fact is that now I am a living weather forecast, because when the rain is coming I can feel it in my once broken leg.

Glossary - słownictwo

a school certificate – świadectwo szkolne

a cast – gips

enjoyable – przyjemne, sprawiające radość

palpable – wyczuwalny

overwhelmed – przytłoczony czymś ( np. natłokiem spraw, myśli )

to learn by heart – nauczyć się na pamięć

to absorb – pochłonąć

casually – zwyczajnie

a pudle – kałuża

to jump something over – przeskoczyć

to hover above something – unosić się nad czymś

a curb – krawężnik

enormous – olbrzymi

to crack – pęknąć

excruciating – miażdżący

swollen – spuchnięty

a painkiller – tabletka przeciwbólowa

to have your leg X-rayed – mieć prześwietloną nogę

to prescribe – przepisać ( lek )

( an ) ointment – maść

to alleviate the pain – zmniejszyć ból

to have something handed in – mieć coś wręczone

crutches – kule ( do chodzenia )

a neighbourhood – sąsiedztwo

a weather forecast – prognoza pogody

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