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Przykład opowiadania o nieudanym wyjeździe wakacyjnym

What comes to your mind when you hear summer vacations? You probably start thinking about swimming all day, meeting new people and visiting new places. It all sounds perfect, but the truth is, your summer adventure can quickly turn into a real nightmare, like it was in my case.

I was fifteen at the time and my parents, me and my cousin were about to leave for Spain. That was the place where we all wanted to spend the best time ever. However, problems started right at the airport. We arrived there being all literally over the moon with joy, but it turned out that we couldn’t board the plane. My absent-minded dad had forgotten to take his ID, and there was no other choice but to book another flight for us. Luckily, there was a plane to Spain on that day, but we had to wait ten hours at the airport, not to mention the extra money spent on the tickets. I could see that especially mum was boiling with anger, and she tried really hard not to cause a scene. After a really long time, we were on our way to Barcelona, and I hoped everything would go smoothly since that moment. Well, the worst was yet to come. When we finally arrived in Barcelona, it was after midnight, and the subway happened

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