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Easter is a Christian holiday celebrating the Ressurection of Jesus Christ. It is movable and varies between the end of the March and the beginning of April. Its main characteristic is Lent - 40 days of fasting and prayer before Easter. It begins with Ash Wednesday. The last week of Lent, which is called Holy Week, starts on Palm Sunday. On this day people go to church bringing their own palmes (branches) to be blessed.

The period between Palm Sunday and Good Friday is not celebrated in a special way. People usually send Easter cards, clean their homes, bake Easter cakes and decorate Easter eggs which symbolise the empty tomb of Jesus (Ressurection). This latter is also the most common tradition in Poland.

On Good Friday people try to fast all day – the daily menu should consist of one meal and two light snacks (at the most). This is a day of prayer and mourning. On Good Saturday the whole family goes to church to bless coloured eggs and other food.

The most important day of Easter is Easter Sunday, which is proceded by the Easter Vigil with the Resurrection (very solemn liturgical service). On this day people celebrate the Ressurection and eat Easter Breakfast which includes

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