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Holidays description

There is no better part of a year than holidays. After being busy for a long time we really look forward to days off. In general, people have two week holidays each year, which is not so much. This is why they pay so much attention to this particular time and they do their best to take the most of it.

There are many different ways of spending holidays. What we choose, depends on our personal preferences and the amount of money we can spend. Most people just want to relax and have a good time. At the same time, a lot of holidaymakers strive to experience something extraordinary and take up unusual offers.

The most common destinations among Polish people are Croatia, Italy, Spain, Greece, Egypt or Turkey. There are, however, more and more enthusiasts of exotic places such as Thailand, Cuba, Mexico or Sri Lanka. Nowadays, travel agents provide a wide range of holidays. We can choose among different types of accomodation, leisure activities and additional attractions. There are luxury hotels, private apartments as well as cheap hostel and budget campsites. Those who are less well-off usually choose the last option.

The most popular form of transport is still the car.

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