Dialog w hotelu po angielsku

In a hotel (dialogue)

Receptionist: Good morning, welcome to the Hitton Hotel.
Mr Smith: Good morning. I made a reservation for a single room.
Receptionist: Certainly. What's your name, sir?
Mr Smith: John Smith.
Receptionist: Have you got your confirmation number?
Mr Smith: Of course. Here you are, it's: 1189561.
Receptionist: That's right. You have paid for one night. Would you like to pay the rest now?
Mr Smith: Fine. How much is that?
Receptionist: 15 pounds, sir.
Mr Smith: Here you are.
Receptionist: Thank you very much.
Mr Smith: Is that all?
Receptionist: I need your ID card to verify your name, sir. Could you also sign the register please?
Mr Smith: All right.
Receptionist: Just one more question. What time would you like breakfast?
Mr Smith: Half past nine would be ok.
Receptionist: Great. Here is your key, sir. Room eight on the third floor. The lift is on the left.
Mr Smith: Thank you. How can I switch on an air conditioner?
Receptionist: You will find the remote control on desk. There is an ON/OFF button on the remote. You can also set temperature to your personal preference using up and down arrow buttons.
Mr Smith: OK. I think I won't have any trouble with it.
Receptionist: If you have

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