Opowiadanie o wakacjach po angielsku

A story about holidays

I go on holiday once a year. It is very important for me to make it an unusual experience, so I usually plan and organize everything in advance. Last year I decided to realize my long-term dream and to go to Bali. It was, however, a huge disappointment.

The problems started at the very beginning. When I got to the airport I found out that our flight was cancelled. I had to wait for another six hours for the next plane to take off. I had never flown before so it was even more stressful. The plane journey took almost 17 hour (including the intermediate landing) and it was very uncomfortable.  

When I finally reached my destnation I realised that it was unbearably hot and I could hardly breath. But it was not the end of blows. My dreamed-of haven appeared to be a big complex of tacky houses, overcrowded with noisy party people. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. Additionaly, I got food poisoning the very first day after eating local specialities and I was sick for next three days. No sunbathing, no swimming, no fun. The hotel staff were not helpful at all – they hardly spoke English, so I couldn't even complain. There were even more problems during the rest of

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Tekst jest napisany z błędami. (lata panowania) Hammurabi nie zjednoczył pierwszy Samar...
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To jest 7.
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dobre to
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