Dialog - rezerwacja pokoju hotelowego po angielsku

Receptionist: Good morning, Sunrise Hotel. How can I help you today?

Caller: Hi. I’d like to book a room for two people.  We’re planning to come next Friday and stay till Wednesday.

Receptionist: Of course. Would it be a double or a twin room?

Caller: A double one.

Receptionist: Let me check… Unfortunately, there are no double rooms available. However, I can reserve a suite for you.

Caller: A suite? How much would it cost?

Receptionist: It ‘s 100$ per night. Are you  still interested?

Caller: Well, I’m afraid I have no other option. Does it come with jaccuzzi?

Receptionist: Yes, it does and it has a large balcony with a wonderful sea view.

Caller: It sounds tempting. Is breakfast included in price?

Receptionist: Yes, certainly. You can have it delivered right to your room.

Caller: All right. Please, reserve it for me. My name’s John Smith and I’ll be staying there with my wife Samantha Smith.

Receptionist: First, I will need some more information. Could you give me your phone number, home and e-mail address ?

Caller: Yes. My cell phone number is 289099200 and I live at Blueberry Street 3/10, 31-200 Santa Monica.  Please, send the confirmation to john.smith@oc.com

Receptionist: Thank you very much. The suite has just been booked up for you.

Caller:  Perfect. I wonder if it’s possible to pay at the reception desk?

Receptionist: Yes, you don’t have to pay in advance.

Caller: That’s wonderful. Thank you very much, goodbye.

Receptionist: You’re welcome. Hope to see you soon at our hotel, bye.



a double room- pokój dwuosobowy (z jednym podwójnym łóżkiem)

a twin room- pokój dwuosobowy (z dwoma łóżkami)

a single room-pokój pojedynczy

a suite- apartament hotelowy


to reserve= to book (up)- zarezerwować

I’m afraid-Obawiam się

a large balcony-ogromny balcon

a  wonderful sea view- cudowny widok na morze

It sounds tempting.-Brzmi kusząco

included in price- zawarty w cenie

certainly- oczywiście


cell phone (wersja amerykańska)= mobile phone (wersja brytyjska)- telefon komórkowy

a confirmation-potwierdzenie






wonder-zastanawiać się

to pay at the reception desk- zapłacić na recepcji

to pay in advance- zapłacić z góry

You’re welcome.- Nie ma za co, proszę bardzo

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