Opis pracy po angielsku

A job description

I love my job as an English teacher. I work in a primary school and give private lessons. It gives me both satisfaction and pleasure.

I am very popular with my pupils. They respect me and never misbehave during my classes. Some people say that I have a born talent for teaching. In my opinion, these are my students who deserve credits. They are generally polite and good-mannered. What is more, they are enthusiastic about English and work diligently. I'm oftent amazed by their creativity and motivation.

However, teaching and learning is not all about the results. I have also a lot of fun together with my students. We often organise cultural events, short trips or just play jokes. In this way we are never bored.

I think teaching is a satisfying job that makes sense in my life. I will never change it for another.

Opis pracy po angielsku - tłumaczenie

Kocham swoją pracę nauczyciela języka angielskiego. Pracuję w szkole podstawowej i udzielam prywatnych lekcji. Daje mi to zarówno satysfakcję, jak i przyjemność.

Jestem bardzo popularny wśród moich uczniów. Szanują mnie i nigdy źle się nie zachowują na moich lekcjach. Niektórzy twierdzą, że mam wrodzony talent do nauczania. Moim

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super tekst
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