Rozmowa kwalifikacyjna - dialog, słownictwo

Dialog - rozmowa kwalifikacyjna po angielsku

Recruiter: Hello, my name’s John Smith. Please, take a seat.

Mike: Hello, thank you.

Recruiter: All right. Before we start, tell me if I can get you something to drink?

Mike: No, I’m fine. Thank you.

Recruiter: Ok. Can you first tell me something about your education?

Mike: Well, five years ago I graduated from University of Business and last year I completed post-graduate studies in Human Resources.

Recruiter: I see. Why did you decide to study Human Resources?

Mike: I think that discovering new talents can be a rewarding job, and it gives you a chance to cooperate with many people.

Recruiter: It sounds like you enjoy working with people. What kind of people do you prefer to be surrounded by?

Mike: I am highly fond of hard-working  people who are not afraid of taking responsibilities for their actions.

Recruiter: Very good. What was your previous workplace?

Mike: I worked as a Sales Manager for past two years.

Recruiter: Excellent. What did you like and dislike about that job?

Mike: I particularly enjoyed the fact that I could be my team leader and motivate workers to achieve our common goals. In addition, I visited various

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