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Cover letter

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to apply for participation in the International Exchange Program which you advertised on our University's website on 14th February 2013.

Currently, I am studying two faculties at University of Wroclaw: Communication Design and Sociology. My main fields of study are: writing, new media, public relations, branding, social networks, social psychology, political sociology, teamwork and team management. During my education and professional career I proved myself to be very responsible and self-reliant person.

Thanks to a participation in the exchange I could expand my knowledge of the country of my destination and look at things from different perspective, which would be essential for my self-development. What is more, this interdisciplinary program is focused on issues I am particularly interested in: multiculturalism, sociology, economics, teamwork and new media. These topics also concern my studies. I believe that taking part in the program would enable me to get deeper insight into them. Lastly, I have an excellent command of English and I believe that it would enable me to duly engage in the whole experience.

I feel strongly that my broad k

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