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Części ubrania po angielsku - podstawowe, z tłumaczeniem


Fickle fashion

Summer is almost there. Wild accents, a wide selection of colors and romantic designs - nothing is forbidden this season. Fluorescent colors combined with different materials (silk, cotton, polyester, leather) and patterns (checkered, dotted, striped, plain). Heels or flats, it is totally up to you. The only trend this season is to be creative and mix the styles. No more need to chopse between retro and modernity, as we can have both. This is going to be a real breakthrough in fashion.

On a summer day, we don't like wearing heavy clothes. Sun usually means light dresses and airy materials. Short and long skirts,  flip flops, sunglasses, swimsuits are what we need. We also get rid of unnecessary winter accessories such as: a hat, gloves and a scarf. When it comes to men's fashion - shorts, colorful T-shirts and summer hats steal the show. One remains certain - this summer you can forget about the so-called tendencies and take it easy. No matter what you chose, it will be acceptable.

So, are you ready to play with fashion? We are interested in how you are going to dress this summer. Please write to us and share your views. We will publish your letters in the next

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