Rozmowa kwalifikacyjna po angielsku - dialog

Job interview - dialogue

Interviewer: Good morning. Please, have a seat.
Interviewee: Good morning. Thank you.
Interviewer: How are you doing today?
Interviewee: I'm fine thank you.
Interviewer: Ok. Let's start then. Could you tell me something about yourself?
Interviewee: Yes, I graduated from Warsaw School of Economics in 2012, with a Master degree in International Business. After that I enrolled in postgraduate studies, faculty of Polish-American Innovation Management and I'm still learning. I have got 5 years of experience in International Project Management Association Polska in which I have been cooperating with people from all over the world. I have also worked in marketing departments of two international companies. All in all, I'm a team person who enjoys new challenges and is determined to achieve them.
Interviewer: I see. What is your greatest strength?
Interviewee: I can easily adapt to new situations. Many times I had to face unexpected problems and handle multiple tasks but thanks to my flexibility and good organizational skills, I managed to do it.
Interviewer: And what is your greatest weakness?
Interviewee: My perfectionism, but I know how to turn it into my advantage

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