Adres i list nieformalny do kolegi po angielsku - zwroty, z tłumaczeniem

A letter (informal)

                                                                                                           2 Fiołkowa Street
                                                                                                           55-200 Witków

                                                                                                          29th April 2013

Dear John,

It's been ages since heard from you. I hope you are well. Last time we spoke, you were planning something big. Did it take off? Can you share your secret now?

I have just passed my final exams. With flying colors! I had been studying long hours, so after the last test I was so exhausted that I was sleeping for almost two days. Now I'm getting back to life – going out, meeting people, throwing parties and planning holidays.

As we talked earlier, me and a bunch of friends are going to Italy next month. I hope you will be able to come with us. We will be hitchhiking and we want to visit Rome, Venice and Milan. It's going to be so much! Please let me know when you plan to take a vacation?

Give my regards to your sister. How is she? Write soon.



List (nieformalny) po angielsku - tłumaczenie

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