List formalny po angielsku - przykład, zwroty, skarga

A formal letter

Dear Sir,

I am writing to complain about the advertisement currently being transmitted during a children’s broadcast. The advertisement shows a bunch of children visiting McDonald’s restaurant with their mommies and waiting impatiently for their favorite meal. In my opinion this picture is deceptive and hence not suitable for young audience.

The viewer is transported into the fantasy world of McDonald’s, in which it is indicated that 'happy meal' is the most desirable food worldwide and everyone is supposed to consume it. I strongly oppose it, as nobody in their right mind would let their children believe in such a pack of lies. The advert also seem to have omitted the problem of unhealthy eating, which young people are especially prone to. I feel that McDonald’s campaign encourages bad eating habits, which can lead to serious medical problems.

I feel strongly that this type of commercials should not be allowed during a children’s programme as it poses a potential harm to young audience. McDonald’s runs an extensive advertising campaign which aim is to coax money out of unaware parents. The company also does not take into account social responsibility. May I request

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