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Have you heard that research into peoples’ attitudes shows that the majority of us drop litter everywhere without considering consequences of such behaviour? The same problem concerns our city. That’s why the principal of the Health and Safety Committee implemented some new policies, one of which was a Clean-up Day last Saturday.

This event raised a great interest among volunteers, who came in droves and joined up. At first they were provided with special equipment, such as rubber gloves and rubbish bags. It is indispensable when picking up rubbish. Then they were giving out leaflets containing instructions how to make our city clean. Finally, all the participants gathered for free supper.

As part of new policies, the Health and Safety Committee banned smoking in public places and supplied the city with extra bins. Clearly the Clean-up Day changed a lot. It turned out to be about so much more than just picking up trash. From now on, we are going to stick to the new rules. Let’s keep this vigorous campaign going!

Artykuł po angielsku - tłumaczenie

Udało nam się!

Czy słyszeliście, że badanie ludzkich postaw pokazuje, iż większość z nas rzuca wszędzie śmieci bez zastanowienia

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