Opowiadanie po angielsku - przykładowe, w czasie przeszłym, z tłumaczeniem

A story

The two-dimensional dream

I dreamed I was sleeping on the street, next to my house. That moment I didn’t think it was weird. I knew it had to be like that. The strange thing, which I realized when I woke up, was the fact that in my dream I had had two perspectives - a sight of the whole surrounding and my own perspective. Going back to my dream, it wasn’t scary itself. It was my sense of unease that made it so spooky. I was sleeping, waking up every now and then, when he appeared.

The man was pacing along the street and staring at me. I was laying on my right side, unable to see him, but I felt his presence. Simultaneously I had this unusual flashing view from above. Finding myself in a most awkward predicament, I pretended to be sound asleep. Just as if it could save me. The man came close to me and stood behind me. Then I heard this rustling sound. It was so creepy that I couldn’t stand it.

When I woke up, my heartbeat rate was at the limit of its endurance. I realised that my fear was unfounded. However, I was still not able to open my eyes, let alone to move. I felt asleep again.

Opowiadanie po angielsku - tłumaczenie

Dwuwymiarowy sen

Śniło mi się, że spałem na ulicy obok mojego

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