Recenzja filmowa - przykład i słownictwo - recenzja filmu La la land po angielsku

La la land is a movie created by a brilliant film director,  Damien Chazelle. The  audience could see this film on a big screen for the first time in August 2016. La la land has become a definite blockbuster thanks to a brilliant soundtrack, an amazing  plot and great costumes.

 La la land tells a story about two artists: a gifted  musician, Sebastian (played by Ryan Gosling) and a talented actress,  Mia (featured by Emma Stone). In spite of being true artists, the main characters have some financial problems and dream about changing their lives. Sebastian, who composes his own music, wants to open a jazz club. Mia, who works in a coffee shop, sets her heart on becoming a well-known Hollywood actress. La la land really makes you think! Apart from a love story, the movie presents the reality of pursuing one’s dreams and captures the spirit of ’’old Hollywood”.  If you want to find out if Sebastian and Mia finally make their dreams come true, you must see this incredible film!

Glossary - słownictwo

brilliant - niesamowity

a film director - reżyser filmowy

audience - widownia

 definite - definitywny

a blockbuster - przebój kinowy/kasowy

a soundtrack - ścieżka dźwiękowa

 a plot - fabuła

featured by… - grana przez…

in spite of - pomimo

to set one’s heart on doing something - dołożyć wszelkich starań, żeby coś osiągnąć

 well-known - dobrze znana

to pursue one’s dreams - podążać za marzeniami

to capture the spirit of  “old Hollywood” - przywołać ducha/atmosferę “starego Hollywood”

to find out - dowiedzieć się

to make one’s dreams come true - spełnić swoje marzenia

incredible - niesamowity

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