Dialog - telefon na policję - zgłaszanie rabunku przez telefon

Police Officer:  Police Department, report your emergency.

Caller: Help me, I’m bleeding!

Police Officer: Listen, I need you to come down. The ambulance will be soon on its way, just tell me where you  are and describe what happened.

Caller: I’m outside the department store at Fairway Avenue. I’ve just been attacked by some young, tall man, who shot me in the leg and took my bag.

Police officer: It’s going to be all right, I’m sending the ambulance and police right to you. Are you safe? Is the attacker nearby?

Caller: I think I’m safe. No, the robber is already gone.

Police officer:  Stay where you and try to compress the bleeding area. Start wrapping a piece of clothing above your wound and then do the same  below that place.

Caller: Ok, I’m doing it. The bleeding’s stopped now.

Police officer: Good. Finally, please give me your full name.

Caller: My name’s Alice Corck.

Police officer: Thank you, Alice. Can you see the ambulance or the police arriving?

Caller: Yes, they’re coming.

Police Officer: Great. Alice,  now they’re going to help  you. I’ll be ending your call. Take care, Alice.

Caller:  Ok, thank you so much.

Glossary - słownictwo

to report one’s emergency – zgłosić swój problem ( na policję, pogotowie, straż )

to come down – uspokoić się

an attacker – napastnik

nearby – w okolicy

a robber – rabuś, napastnik

to compress the bleeding area – zatamować krwawienie

to wrap something – owinąć coś

a piece of clothing – fragment odzieży

 above – nad

a wound – rana

 below – pod

to arrive – przybyć, przyjechać


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