Zakupy w supermarkecie a w małym sklepie - porównanie, wady i zalety

It seems to be no single answer whether it is better to shop in a small store or in a supermarket. There are some pros and cons of buying products in both of them. 

   Firstly, one you are a customer of a small, local shop, its owner probably knows you well. There is always a chance to talk to them, which is especially important for elderly people. They often feel lonely and long human interacions. On the other hand, there are plenty of clients who prefer not to chat with a shopping assistant and stay more anonymous. 

Secondly, when you do your shopping in a small store, you may find more quality products, such as: carefully selected fresh fruit and vegetables. Owners of small shops usually cooperate with local farmers who produce food free of pesticides. However, the choice of products in a small shop can be relatively limited, and it may force a customer to purchase in a few other places.

In addition, small shops are usually open even on national holidays. Thanks to that, whenever you have forgotten to buy something, there is a possibility to get what you need. The problem is, goods available in small shops are usually more expensive than those sold in supermarkets. 

   When it

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