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Opis dnia po angielsku

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Bardzo dobry artykuł, pozdrawiam.
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megawonsz9 jest bogiem
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My school day

I always get up at seven o'clock. First I get dressed and then I have breakfast with my parents and my sister. After that I brush my teeth, comb my hair and pack my schoolbag.

My lessons start at eight, so I leave home at a quarter to eight. I hate being late. Fortunately I don't have to commute to school, I always walk. It takes me only five minutes to get there. I spend in school almost 6 hours. It is not so bad. We have brakes during which we can play and eat lunch. The school usually finishes at half past one. I have dinner about half past three o'clock. My mother and sister are already back home so we can eat together. After that I help her with the washing up, rest a bit and do my homework.

In my free time I usually hang out with my friends. When the weather is good, we play basketball and when it's not we go to the swimming pool. In fact, I don't have much freetime during the school week. That's why I often stay at home after school watching movies with my sister or playing computer games. On Fridays I have drama classes which I really love.

In the evening I like to chill out. At eight o'clock starts my favourite TV series. I usually watch it with my parents. Then

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