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Przykład opisu osoby po angielsku

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Linux • 2019-06-16 16:47:25
przydalo sie
jjoojo • 2019-06-13 14:46:18
Nie tyle rozwód co uznanie małżeństwa za nieważne dr Arletta Bolesta adwokat kości...
Arletta Bolesta • 2019-06-12 13:59:29
Abstrakcjonizm operuje abstrakcją! Zrezygnował, jak sam autor pisze, z wszelkiej figurat...
Anna • 2019-06-11 17:31:16

Description of my friend

Let me tell you about my best friend Sarah, whom I've know since my childhood.

Sarah is in her twenties and graduated from the same high school I go to two years ago. She's tall and slim as she does lots of swimming and running. Sarah's got shiny, shoulder-length, straight, blond hair and tantalizing blue eyes. Thanks to that, she's always been popular among boys. That's odd she should have some complexes, especially about her freckles. What's more, Sarah's got poor eyesight and wears contact lenses. She keeps saying that wearing glasses would be a true punishment for her!

My friend's really ambitious and always sets herself high standards. I've heard that she's one of the best students at her university. Sarah's planning to become a vet and she's an animal activist. Although Sarah is both - pretty and clever, she doesn't look down on people. She's really friendly and funny. Even if I'm low, she can make me smile.

I hope that you also have a real friend who supports you and stand by you no matter what. 



to be in one's twenties - mieć dwadzieścia kilka lat

to graduate from ... - ukończyć ...

shoulder-length - do ramion

tantalizing - urzekające

odd - dziwne

complexes - kompleksy

freckles - piegi

poor eyesight - problem ze wzrokiem

contact lenses - szkła kontaktowe

punishment - kara

to set yourself high standard - wiele wymagać od siebie

to look down on people - gardzić ludźmi, wywyższać się

to support - wspierać

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