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Wzór ogłoszenia o pracę

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przydalo sie
jjoojo • 2019-06-13 14:46:18
Nie tyle rozwód co uznanie małżeństwa za nieważne dr Arletta Bolesta adwokat kości...
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Abstrakcjonizm operuje abstrakcją! Zrezygnował, jak sam autor pisze, z wszelkiej figurat...
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Job offer - Secretary/Team Assistant in CHAMPIONS INTERNATIONAL COMPANY 

Company profile

CHAMPIONS INTERNATIONAL COMPANY was etablished in 1992 by John Smith in New York, and since then it has grown into a large, widely-recognized firm. We specialize in designing and producing toys in our factory plants located all over the world.

Job description

Currently we are looking for a secretary/assistant, who would support our local team in London in numerous tasks performed on a daily basis.

Your main responsibilities will include:

- answering phone calls,

- responding to e-mails,

- taking care of visitors,

- planning travels,

- carrying other administrative works.

Job requirements

Perfect candidate should:

- be a EU citizen, 

- have a university degree ( preferrably in Administration, HR, Logistics, Finanse ),

- be fluent in English ( C1 required ) ,

- have a great practical knowledge of Ms Office,

- live in/near London or be willing to relocate,

- be able to work under time pressure,

- stay positive, 

- be prepared to act in unexpected situations,

- be able to work in a team.

What we offer

- permanent job,

- fixed working hours ( 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. ), 

- lunch card,

- private medical insurance,

- annual bonus.


If you are interested in this offer, send us your CV to till June 10th, 2019.


Hope to hear from you soon.


-Champions International Company Recruiting Members



established - ustanowione

widely-recognized - szeroko rozpoznawalny

currently - obecnie

factory plants - zakład produkcyjny

permofmed - wykonywane

to relocate - zmienić miejsce pobytu

annual - coroczny


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