Przykładowa prezentacja po angielsku - prezentacja produktu

Good morning to everybody. My name is John Smith and I would like to thank all of you for coming here today.

I am a Sales Department manager in Wixi Company, and I feel honored to present Bamboo Shampoo. My presentation has been divided into four main parts: product introduction, product specification, product demonstration and predictions for the future.

Let me start by sharing with you the reasons for launching Bamboo Shampoo. As you are fully aware, there are plenty of beauty products, especially bio shampoo types. However, I've never seen before a bio product which would be affordable for ordinary people, have you? Here comes the change - Bamboo Shampoo. Not only is it a fully organic product, but it is also going to be available in the best possible price. Bamboo Shampoo is the answer to your hair problems.

Now I'd like to move to the next part and tell you more about this revolutionary product. Please, take a look at the picture of the bottle we designed. What come s first to your mind when you see it? Well, when I look at it, I think: fresh, natural, fun, simply ... perfect. The colors we used are to represent the colors of the plants which had been carefully selected to make our Bamboo Shampoo. Light beige represends bamboo, which keeps the skin on your head perfectly clean. In addition, white stands for coconut milk, famous for its moisturizng properties, while yellow refers to a lemon used to make your hair strong and shiny.

Let's move on and watch our commercial in which you can observe how easy it is to wash you hair with Bamboo Shampoo. It is enough to take a small amount of our product to activate cleansing foam. Thanks to that, if you buy one bottle of Bamboo Shampoo, you can be sure not to run out of it within at least a month and a half, even while washing your hair on a daily basis. It is just one of the reasons why Bamboo Shampoo is going to be a cheap product. The other thing is that our shampoo is produced in countries where its natural ingredients are widely accessible. Our team has estimated that by undertaking such steps we can save up to 25 per cent on production costs. 

Finally, I would like to assure you that Bamboo Shampoo is the product of the future. According to the presented diagram, consumers are likely to purchase this shampoo reagrdless of their age. For younger generation it is important to use organic products, while older people tend to chose cheap items. It means that Wixi Company will generate profits within the first year of launching Bamboo Shampoo.

To sum up, Bamboo Shampoo is a hair product designed to keep your hair clean, strong and shiny thanks to its natural ingredients. It is also a very affordable shampoo, which will become consumers' favorite product. 

Thank you so much for your attention. Now it's time to ask me any questions regarding Bamboo Shampoo. 

Glossary - słownictwo

to launch - wypuścić na rynek

affordable - w przystępnej cenie

ordinary people - zwyczajni ludzie

bamboo - bambus

coconut milk - mleczko kokosowe

to activate - aktywować, wywołać

cleansing foam - oczyszczająca piana

to undetake some steps - podjąć pewne kroki, działania

to run out of something - zużyć coś

a generation - pokolenie 

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