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If I were to choose between summer holidays at the seaside and vacations in the mountains, I would pick the first option.

Firstly, after the entire school year, I can't wait sunbathing on the beach. How can you recharge your batteries while hiking all day long in the mountains? I'm not into being that much  active throught holidays.

Secondly, you can go to the mountains regardless of a season, while you can fully enjoy yourself at the seaside only in summer. Have you ever seen somebody swimming in the middle of winter? Me neither. 

Finally, it costs less to have fun at the seaside. It's enough to book a cheap youth hostel or B&B, take with you summer clothes, and that's mostly it. However, spending your vacations in the mountains requires from you buying expensive ski equipment or hiking shoes, which you probably won't wear on a daily basis. 

All in all, it can be said that choosing vacations by the sea instead of a few days in the mountains can help you relax, enjoy summer and save money.

Glossary - słownictwo

to sunbathe - opalać się

to recharge your batteries - naładować baterie

to hike - wędrować po górach

to be into something - lubić coś

regardless of something - niezależnie od czegoś

Me neither. - Ja też nie.

B&B = bed and breakfast - tani nocleg ze śniadaniem

a youth hostel - hostel

to require something - wymaga czegoś, jest z czymś powiązane

on a daily basis - codziennie

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