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Czy nauka w polskiej szkole powinna być płatna?

How much would you pay for your Math lesson at school? You had better think about, because the era of free education in Poland may end sooner or later. This controversial change may help provide students with engaging classes , offer them a chance to be taught by inspiring teachers and  make them sustain their motivation for studying.

Firstly, whenever school fees are administered,  lessons become more interesting for learners. For example, taking a school trip to the palm house is likely to engage students in a better way than discussing plants types during a lesson at school. However, some people believe that those activities can be occasionally sponsored by parents with no need to introduce school fees.  Still, it seems more practical to administer a monthly payment without asking for money each time it is needed.

Secondly, nowadays teachers earn next to nothing, which often makes them leave schools. Were all schools to administer fees, teachers’ salaries would rise, and more people would decide to become educators. However, there are opinions that giving teachers pay-rises is not reasonable, because being a teacher is a mission,

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