Menu po angielsku


Fried onion rings
Garden salad (lettuce, tomatoes, onion, eggs, cucumber, vinaigrette sauce)
Grilled cammembert cheese
French fries
Tartare steak served with bread

Prawn soup with green vegetables
Mushroom soup with cream
Broth - chicken soup with noodles or rice
Tomato soup with noodles or rice
Garlic soup with grated cheese

MAIN DISHES – all meat dishes and seafood are served with rice/potatoes/French fries and fresh salad

Grilled chicken
Fried chicken wings
Grilled beef steak
Fried pork
Baked turkey

Grilled tuna with pesto
Grilled salmon
Fried shrimps in sweet chilli sauce
Fried trout stuffed with onion
Fried cod

Pancakes with spinach
Risotto with vegetables, tomato sauce and grated cheese
Chef salad (lettuce, avocado, grilled mushrooms, tomato, cheddar cheese, lime sauce)
Noodles with salmon and cream sauce
Semi fried tofu with couscous and salad

Cheesecake with chocolate sauce
Apple pie with whipped cream
Ice cream topped with whipped cream and fruit

Sparkling/non sparkling water [still water]
Tea (various flavors)
Hot chocolate
Fresh orange juice
Juice (apple, orange, tomato)
Wine (white, red; sweet, semi-sweet, dry)

MENU po angielsku

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