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In order to live a long and healthy life and avoid medical problems we have to remember about regular check-ups. It is better to prevent illness than be treated. If we notice something worrying or feel any symptoms (long-lasting repetitive headaches, stomachaches, rash, high fever) we should go to the doctor as soon as possible. Some diseases can be easily cured at the early stages. Negligence in this matter can result in serious complications, even death.

Another aspect of our well-being is avoiding addictions. A lot of people reach for a cigarette because they feel stressed or depressed. They also consider smoking very enjoyable, especially when socializing. This is, however, not good. Cigarettes are the main cause of lung cancer, cough, and heart disease. Drinking alcohol has many bad consequences too, so we shouldn’t drink very often and too much.

Las but not least – rest. It is generally held that we need at least 7 hours of sleep a day. Too much work and stress can lead to the state of fatigue. Nowadays people are overworked and often give up sleep claiming that they lack time for 'such pleasures'. Breaks and holidays are absolute necessity to recharge one's batterie

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