Matura ustna - przykładowy opis obrazka


Opisz zdjęcie, a następnie udziel odpowiedzi na pytania zadane przez egzaminatora.

Opis obrazka

The picture shows three people in their twenties sitting on the concerete stairs in front of some building. They seem to be talking and laughing, which makes me think they are a group of friends. The girl on the left side is holding a laptop, which she may need for her studies or work. What's more, the girls appear to be wearing long-sleeved T-shirts, the man has got a T-shirt and thanks to that I do believe that the photo could have been taken in Spring.

Pytania do obrazka

1. Do you think these people are high school or university students?

2. What's the best place to meet with your freinds?

3. Tell me about a situation when you went out somewhere with a group of friends.

Odpowiedzi do pytań

1. Frankly speaking, it can't be said for sure whether these people are still in high school or study at some university. However, I would guess they've alraedy graduated from high school, because they look a little bit more mature than high school students. In addition, the girl who is holding a laptop might have bought it herself and I that university students are more likely to be able to afford a computer. It is due to the fact that when you're over 18, you have better options to find a job and support yourself.

2. Well, I would say that cinema is the best place to hang out with your friends. Firstly, I can't imagine meeting a teenager who is not int watching movies and thanks to that  the cinema appear to be the best option possible. In addition, even if it happens that some of your freinds prefer to watch comedies, while others enjoy watching thrillers, you can group people so that everybody is satisfied with the film choice. Thankfully, in the cinema there are usually a few rooms with various movies to watch. Finally, cinema is not only about watching films! You can have there great snacks, such as: popcorn, nachos, sweets along with fizzy drinks. I'm fully aware that junk food shouldn't be present in your diet too often, but a few bites of nachos now and then won't do you any harm.

3. Let me start by saying that it happened last summer in my hometown. We were looking for a place to hang out together and finally everybody decided to try a new Italian restaurant. Who doesn't like pasta or pizza, right? A few days prior to our visit in that restaurant, my cousin had recommended me the new spot in our town and I had really high expectations of that place. Little did I know that I would regret putting my foor in there! When me and my friends entered the place, there were a few people inside sitting at the tables and enjoying their meals. The restaurant looked cozy and modern at the same time. We chose the table by the window and waited for the waiter to approach us.  By the time a tall, slim man came to our table, we had already made our minds what to order. My friend Sarah askd for spaghetti wih tomato sauce and frsh basil, Mark wanted to have seafood pizza and I decided to take something called surprise dish. When I started eating my surprise dish, which happened to be Italian dumplings, I felt dizzy and couldn't catch a breath. The next thing I remember is waking up at hospital. Unfortunately, it turned out that there were nuts inside the dumplings and you must know that  I'm stronly allergic to them. I was relased from the hospital after two days and now I'm all fine. However, I'm not going to order a surprise meal never again!


to recommend - polecić

to have high expectations of somebody/ something - mieć duże nadzieje w stosunku do kogoś/ czegoś

to regret - żałować czegoś

Little did I know... - Nie zdawałem sobie sprawy....

cozy - przytulny

a surprise - niespodzianka

to order - zamówić

seafood - owoce morza

basil - bazylia

dumpling - kluski/pierogi 

I couldn't catch my breath. - Nie mogłem złapać tchu.

to be released from hospital - być zwolnionym ze szpitala

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