Pierwszy dzień w szkole - wzór opowiadania

I'll tell you about my first day in high school.

Let me just start by saying that the day before the school started, I'd been completely panicked. At the time I was a newcomer in the city and had no friends at all. Studying at high school is stressful itself, let alone socializng, especially when you're a total stranger. I'd wanted to make a good impression on everybody and intended to get up early to make ready for the big day. I'd set up my alarm clock on my cell phone and put myself to bed.

Unfortunately, when I woke up the following day, I realized that my that my phone was dead and there were only ten minutes before the first class starts. There was no time for doing my hair or putting on make-up, so I just grabbed a sandwich and left home.  When I was waiting for the bus, it started raining and I got all soaked. The water was dripping down my spine, because there was no place to hide.  Finally, the bus arrived and I got to school. I checked the time and I knew that I was already late. On the top of that, I couldn't find the right classroom and I was literally on the verge of crying. Suddenly, I saw a tall, ginger-haired girl with lots of freckles. She asked me if I needed any help and it turned out she was my classmate. We went together into the classroom, sat down at the same desk and ... she became my best friend.

Although the day didn't start the way I wanted, I met a wonderful person, with whom I'm planning to share my dorm room at college.

Glossary - słownictwo

a newcomer - przybysz ( nowa osoba w mieście )

let alone - nie wspominając o ...

socializing - przebywanie z ludźmi, tworzenie więzi międzyludzkich, prowadzenie życia towarzyskiego

to make a good impression on somebody - zrobić na kimś dobre wrażenie

to intend - zamierzać coś zrobić

to set up an alarm clock - nastawić budzik

the following day - następnego dnia

My phone was dead. - Mój telefon był rozładowany

to grab something - zgarnąć coś, chwycić w biegu

to get soaked - zmoknąć

The water was dripping down my spine - Woda spływała mi po plecach ( dosłownie: po lini kręgosłupa )

On the top of that, ... -  Na domiar złego, ...

ginger-haired - rudowłosa

freckles - piegi

to share a dorm room with somebody - dzielić z kimś pokój w akademiku

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