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Rozmowa telefoniczna po angielsku - dialog


A phone call - dialogue

Monika: Hi, Emilia.
Emilia: Hello Monika! How are you doing?
Monika: I'm fine, thank you. I'm cleaning the house before the party.
Emilia: Can't be! Is somebody helping you?
Monika: Dream on! When it comes to tidying up, there is nobody I can rely on.
Emilia: What is your brother doing?
Monika: He's playing computer games with his friends at the moment.
Emilia: You're joking! It's his party tomorrow, not yours!
Monika: I know. Isn't it unfair? My mother is finishing her article and my dad is still at work. His bank is introducing new services today.
Emilia: I can help you if you wish.
Monika: I need to go to baker's, drycleaner's and to the hairdresser's.
Emilia: No problem! I can pick you up any time.
Monika: I will call you as soon as I have finished the cleaning.
Emilia: Great! I look forward to your call.

Rozmowa telefoniczna po angielsku (dialog) - tłumaczenie

Monika: Cześć Emilia.
Emilia: Cześć Monika! Jak się masz?
Monika: Dobrze, dziękuję. Sprzątam mieszkanie przed imprezą.
Emilia: Niemożliwe! Czy ktoś ci w tym pomaga?
Monika: Zapomnij! Jeśli chodzi o sprzątanie, to nie mam na kim polegać.
Emilia: A co robi twój brat?
Monika: W tym momencie gra z kolegami na kompu

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